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Keeler Pulsair Intellipuff Hand Held NCT

Pulsair intelliPuff brings versatility to tonometry; wall mounted or desk mounted the lightweight hand held optical mainframe allows the clinician to measure all patients with equal comfort and respect. The flexibility of use and space saving makes this instrument virtually unbeatable for performance and value.

Being hand held, Pulsair intelliPuff avoids the need to position the patient in a chinrest removing an entire process from the patient journey – fast and easy to use while the patient is already seated in an examination chair, space and time under control.

Keeler KAT Applanation Tonometer

Designed and manufactured in the UK to the same exacting standards as all Keeler products, the Keeler D-KAT delivers reliability and ease of use.
With its LED display and internal electronics it allows for the fast accurate measurement of IOP. Available in both R-Type & Z-Type variants. The R type can be fixed to the slitlamp with HS type model. The Z type is convenient to use on zeiss slit lamps.

Riester Schiotz Tonometer

Riester Schiotz Tonometer according to Prof. Schiotz for containing the Intraocular pressure. All main parts are made of High-Quality Brass and are chrome plated. Red needle enables easy reading of the scale.


Easy reading Of the Scale
High Quality
Cost Effective

Medix MAT Applanation Tonometers

With years of tests and clinical applications, Goldmann has been proved to be the the gold standard for tonometry measurement. Based on the proven evidence, Medix MAT tonometer applied Goldmann principle in the design and manufacture. With precision manufacturing process, Medix applanation tonometer offers accurate and consistent measurements which give a clear picture of patients IOP
situation to the doctors.

Easyton EZTN-01 Transpalpebral Digital IOP Tonomet

Easyton is a unique tonometer for measuring intraocular pressure (IOP) through the eyelid, without any contact with the cornea or anesthetics use.
This device can be used not just in hospital but also at home. The device is easy to operate and you don’t need any special education to use it.

Easyton has two IOP measuring modes:

tonometric IOP measurement mode (Maklakov tonometer scale)
true IOP measurement mode (Goldmann tonometer scale).
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