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Medix MIT-301 Motorized Instrument Table


It is a multi functional table used to lay slit lamp, optometry meter,cornea curvaturer and so on.

Detailed Product Description:

1.Electric Work Table is made of imported materials and by up-to date technology overseas.

2.If features with aesthetic appearance of outline, satisfactory performance of manipulaton,safety and credibility of operation, its load capacity can perform 75 KGS to the utmost.

3.It also has the advantages of relocation simply and conveniently, sounding slightly,lifting and with large amplitude,etc.

Medix OT-FM Ophthalmic OT Table

Medix OT-FM is a new generation motorized operation table with featured empowered design. Motorized vertical height adjustment enables the ophthalmologist to perform from a convenient comfortable standing position. optimally positioned headrest with manually controlled up down motion option allows the surgeon easy access to patient while offering the patient comfortable head positioning Plus there is simple leg room and sufficient space for equipment pedals. spacious autistic polyurethane cushions offer patients excellent comfort and are easy to clean and maintain. Adjustable wrist support offers surgeon convenient stability during operation. Built in trendelenberg head low and reserve trendelenberg haed up positions ensures safety during emergencies.
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