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Centervue DRS - Non Mydriatic Fundus Camera

Thanks to its fully automated operation, DRS requires minimal operator training. Its compact, ergonomic design and low power flash help ensure patient comfort. DRS is conceived to maximize patients flow work and it is entirely operated through its intuitive touch-screen interface. It supports single -or multi- field acquisition protocols, providing seven different 45 degree fields. It can be used both for screening and diagnosis.

Toka - TNF 507 FFA Fundus Camera

It provides efficient and high-quality solution of fundus image for professional ophthalmology and the fundus image needed by ophthalmology. So the equipment has a high cost performance. TNF507 fundus camera have the advantage in the same brand, which attributes to top-level pixel resolution, SLR imaging system and outstanding optical system.

Mediworks - FC160 Hand Held Non-Mydriatic Fundus C

Using MediWorks Fundus Camera FC 160 does not require doctors to dilate patients pupils. Doctors can capture retinal image directly once the image is in focus.
The smart design enables doctors to carry it wherever needed. That makes outdoor examination much easier compared with desk top fundus camera. 

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