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Lucid KR Auto Ker Refractometer

An innovative technology for high accuracy for refraction and keratometery measurement.Tiltable 70 degree - 7 inch wide color LCD display.Comfortable silicone rubber chin-rest and head-rest for patient.Icon-easy to use function.Graphic user-interface to operator.

Optel RM-18 Auto Refractometer

Measured more quickly because the technology of built-in micro process and quick graphic process. 
Quick measurement for diopter of min. Pupil size. 
New design of colorful sreen(5.7 TFT LCD). 
Auto fog chart.

Optel OMK-100 Manual Keratometer

The OMK-1000 features easy to align mire images with: All reading are thus placed in one field of view, greatly simplifying and speeding up measurements. (Example: The diagrams on the right show mire images in perfect focus and without astigmatism, with radius of curvature 8.0mm and vertex (V) and horizontal (H) axes).
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