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Lucid KR Auto Ker Refractometer

An innovative technology for high accuracy for refraction and keratometery measurement.Tiltable 70 degree - 7 inch wide color LCD display.Comfortable silicone rubber chin-rest and head-rest for patient.Icon-easy to use function.Graphic user-interface to operator.

MMD PalmScan K2000 Portable Keratometer

PalmScan K2000 Auto-Keratometer is a new biometry device offered by MMD. This innovative device is a useful tool for eye-care professionals for measurement of the corneal curvature and power for use in Cataract lens power calculations. This system quickly measures the corneal radius of curvature (Avg R, R1, R2), corneal power (Avg K, K1 and K2), and steep and flat axis of the cornea. It is a perfect complement to the PalmScan A2000 A-Scan device for measurement of patient biometry prior to cataract surgery. 

Optel RM-18 Auto Refractometer

Measured more quickly because the technology of built-in micro process and quick graphic process. 
Quick measurement for diopter of min. Pupil size. 
New design of colorful sreen(5.7 TFT LCD). 
Auto fog chart.

Optel OMK-100 Manual Keratometer

The OMK-1000 features easy to align mire images with: All reading are thus placed in one field of view, greatly simplifying and speeding up measurements. (Example: The diagrams on the right show mire images in perfect focus and without astigmatism, with radius of curvature 8.0mm and vertex (V) and horizontal (H) axes).
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