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Panasonic 1 MOS Full HD Micro Camera

GPKH232A Single Chip Full HD Remote Head Camera System

Panasonic brings you outstanding HD resolution, superior color performance and the right size for a wide variety of medical & industrial applications. With outstanding performance, the GP KH232A delivers native 1080p/60p resolution from HDMI output plus multi-format capability and a compact and lightweight camera head module.


Panasonic 3 MOS Full HD Micro Camera

Panasonic 3MOS OEM Micro Camera Solution GP-US932

The CMOS GP-US932 OEM Micro Camera with up to 1080i Full HD
- Smallest 3MOS OEM Camera Head
- Amazing sensitivity & resolution
- Brilliant colour reproduction
- Multi format up to 1080p

The GP-US932 OEM micro camera includes an ultra-compact sized FULL HD 1080p 3MOS remote camera head and the CCU Control Unit.
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