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Medix Phacoemulsification Set

Surgicals and Consumables


Kratz-Barraquer Wire Speculum  

Serrefine, Small

Towel Clamps, Cross Action

Castroveijo Cyclodialysis Spatula

Castroveijo Caliper, Straight

Hoffman-Thornton Global Fixation Ring

Bishop-Harmon Iris Forcep. 1x2 Teeth

Lim’s Corneal Forcep, 1x2 Teeth

Dastoor Superior Rectus Forcep

Kelman-McPherson Forcep, Straight

Utrara Capsularhexis Forcep

Dodick Nucleus Cracker, Cross Action

Livernois Silicone Lens Folder

McDonald IOL Inserting Forcep

Sinskey Lens Manipulating Hook, Angled

Phaco Chopper Universal

Nucleus Substainer


Iris Scissor, Straight

Gills-Vannas Capsulotomy Scissor

Westcott Stitch Scissor, standard blade

Micro Corneal Scissor, blunt tip

Kalt Needle Holder, Straight

Barraquer Needle Holder Short Model

Bishop-Harmon A.C. Wash Cannula, 16G

Simcoe I/A cannula, Regular

Gimbel Hydrodissection cannula, 25G

Air Injection Cannula, 23G