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Medix Nanojet Fogging Machine

Ophthalmic OT Equipment


NanoJet Fogging Machine from Medix Medical is the most advanced ULV Fogger for aerial disinfection.


NanoJet is used predominately for the application of disinfection at Hospital, Laboratories and pharmaceutical industries, clean rooms, health care, biotech & issue culture labs, dairies, food processing area and hatcheries etc. It also used for application of biocides, fungicides and pesticides.


NanoJet generates a fog or mist formed by ultra low volume uniform sub-micron size liquid particles. Liquid formulation can be applied in concentration of 2%-90% & at a flow rate of 1-5 liters per hour adjustable using upgraded flow control mechanism.


If required NanoJet will come with dital timer makes fogging system hassle-free. NanoJet runs on high speed FHP motor that provide the maximum thrust spray. Coupled with advanced thrust design Air-jet nozzle.