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Medix Glaucoma Set

Surgicals and Consumables


Barraquer Wire Speculum  

Took Corneal Knife

Harms Trabeculotomy Probe, Right

Harms Trabeculotomy Probe, Left

Towel Clamps, Cross Action

Hartmann Mosquito Forcep, Straight

Hartmann Mosquito Forcep, Curved

Kelly’s Detachment Punch

Castroviejo Cyclodialysis Spatula

Castroviejo Caliper, 20mm straight

Eye Dressing Forcep, Straight

Bonn Iris Forcep, W Platform 1x2 teeth

Barraquer Colibri Forcep, 0.2mm 1x2 T

Paufique Suture Forcep. 1x2 teeth

Harms Tying Forcep Smooth, Curved

Kelman-McPherson Forcep, Angled

Iris Scissor, Curved

Stevens Tenotomy Scissor, Curved

Vannas Scissor, Curved

Gills-Vannas Capsulotomy Scissor, Angled

Westcott Stitch Scissor, standard blade

Micro Corneal Scissor, blunt tip

Bishop-Harmon A.C. Wash Cannula, 16G

Air Injection Cannula, 23G

Bard Parker Handle