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Medix Cataract Set

Surgicals and Consumables


1.  Barraquer Wire Speculum, Large         “ME-0006 (C)”

2.  Hartmann Mosquito Forcep, Straight    “ME-0360 (A)”

3.  Hartmann Mosquito Forcep, Curved    “ME-0360 (B)”

4.  Smith Lens Expressor                            “ME-0456"

5.  Lens Expressor Hook & Loop               “ME-0468"

6.  Bishop-Harmon Iris Forcep, 1x2 Teeth “ME-0654 (B)”

7.  Wills Hospital Utility Forcep                  “ME-0678"

8.  Dastoor Superior-Rectus Forcep           “ME-0792"

9.  Harms Tying Forcep, Curved                 “ME-0870 (B)”

10. Kelman-McPherson Forcep ,Angled     “ME-1038"

11. Sinskey Lens Manipulating Hook          “ME-1248 (B)”

12. Phaco Chopper, Universal                    “ME-1386"

13. Vannas Scissor Sharp Tip                      “ME-1572"

14. Wescott Stitch Scissor, Blunt Tip          “ME-1602"

15. Micro Corneal Scissor, Blunt Tip           “ME-1644"

16. Barraquer Needle Holder, W/o Lock    “ME-1776 (A)”

17. Simcoe I/A Cannula, Regular                 “ME-1968"

18. Air Injection Cannula                             “ME-2034"

19. Bard-Parker Handle                               “ME-2226"